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In this day and age, an advertiser’s claim is suspect. More often than not, merchants will say just about anything to hawk their products. So the trick is not to listen to them but… to listen to their customers. Are there customer testimonials and case studies? Are there audio or video testimonials? If there are audio or video testimonials, I would be more inclined to believe them as it is a lot more difficult to simply just slap it on.
Finally just because it works for others does not necessary means it will work for YOU. Not even medicine with the backing of medical science works for everyone. So to make sure there is an unconditional, 100% percent money-back guarantee. Ideally hassle-free. By that, I mean the merchant will refund your money promptly without having you to go through hoops.
So when a merchant satisfies all of the above 3 criteria, you know your health and money is safe and there’s a good chance that the supplement will work for you (since it had work for many other people).

Low Testosterone Supplements

Traditionally, low testosterone supplements and medications were given to body builders and weightlifters to enhance their endurance. In fact, physicians have been of the view that these products are meant for specific patients. It is the recent research about testosterone deficiency in men, particularly in the United States, that has led to an increase in the popularity of low testosterone supplements and other related products.
An issue regarding low testosterone is that most of the men are ignorant about the problem. Go through the sections below to obtain complete information about the treatment for low testosterone in men.

Treatment Options

Once you are diagnosed with low level of testosterone, the next step is to learn about the treatment options available. Replacement of low testosterone is the main aim of these treatments. The progress in the field has been made up to a level that treatment solutions are available in a variety of different forms. The most popular options to boost the level of testosterone in men include:

  • Injections: Testosterone injections are recommended by the doctors to boost the level of testosterone in men. The method is effective, but it may demand the injections to be taken for a long period.
  • Gels and Creams: There are some gels and creams that the doctors recommend the patient to rub on different body parts. It is indeed an effective method and doesn’t involve a painful procedure. However, there is risk of skin to skin contact that may transfer these products to other people. Moreover, they might trigger many skin reactions among men with sensitive skin.
  • Pellets: Testosterone pellets are placed beneath the skin by creating incision in the skin. A pellet releases testosterone in the body which is readily absorbed by the blood.
  • Patches and implants are other treatment options that a doctor may recommend you.

It has been reported many times that all these treatment options lead to various side-effects. Overproduction of red blood cells, sleep apnea, liver problems and many other problems offer result due to administration of any of the above methods for low testosterone treatment.

Natural low testosterone treatment methods are now available and they have become popular among men suffering from testosterone deficiency. Low testosterone supplements made from natural ingredients are most popular because they help in boosting the level of testosterone within the required normal range that too naturally.

Tribulus Terrestris, Tongat Ali and many other herbs are used as ingredients in natural low testosterone supplements. Not only are these supplements safe, they are also helpful in achieving better results. However, you must discuss them with your physician before starting to use them.

How To Choose Test Booster

As I mention above, there are plenty of testosterone supplements out there and all of them promises testosterone ‘nirvana’. But do they all work? Out of all the different herbs and believe me, I tried them all, only one stands out and actually do work very well for a lot of people, including myself.
This herb is called Tongkat Ali. Its latin name is ecurycoma longifilia jack. Also commonly known as Longjack.
Now if you tried Longjack (or Tongkat Ali) before and it didn’t work for you, I am not surprise. Truth is most Tongkat Ali supplements out there do not work. The reason is simply because it is too expensive to produce one that does.
In order for Tongkat Ali to work its magic, there are 4 criteria to be met:
It must be Tongkat Ali extract (not the roots which is mainly cellulose. But the extract)
Only Tongkat Ali roots are used to produce the extract. This is important because the roots has the highest and widest range of active ingredients that give it its unique testosterone boosting property.
The extract strength is at least 1:50. Lesser extract strength may work but my recommendation is at least 1:50. An extract strength of 1:200 is by far the highest and the most potent.
Each dosage (everytime you take it) is at least 600 mg. Anything less, its ineffective.
In order to save on their production cost, most manufacturers use Tongkat Ali roots and not extract in their product. But as mention, roots are mainly cellulose and has no active ingredients. Only the extract does. It is however expensive to produce the extract. At a 1:200 extract strength, 200 gram of Tongkat Ali roots is used to produce just 1 gram of extract.

So now that you know why most Tongkat Ali products out in the market do not work, the next question is… which are the one that does?

You can go search for them online using the above criteria I mention. For your convenience as well, I have listed all the manufacturers and their products and websites. Please note that resellers are not included in this list. Also only manufacturers of pure Tongkat Ali extract is listed. For this reason, products that uses tongkat ali as one of its ingredient among many others is not listed as well.

Monitoring and Regular Testing

The final phase of low testosterone treatment involves monitoring the progress and getting the regular tests done to check the level of testosterone in the blood. This will help you know whether the low testosterone supplements or other treatment options are working for you or not. While monitoring the effects of the treatment, you must analyze whether the symptoms continue to exist or not. If the treatment is successful, you must find improvement in the conditions like fatigue, depression, irritability and so on. An increase in sex drive, stronger erections and increase in muscle mass are other things that you will observe.

The duration of treatment may depend upon the factors like the severity of problem, the quality of low testosterone supplements or medications you take and the way you follow the procedure. Make sure that you take it as a serious health issue and give your best to let the treatment procedure work for you.