Male enhancement or more directly known as penis enhancement are techniques used to increase the length and thickness of the human penis. This probably stemmed out of the need and obsession of men to have bigger and longer reproductive organs to gain sexual prowess and increase physical attractiveness.

Studies have shown that most men perceive that they have short penises. This is a warped perception because when measured they actually fall under what is the normal penis size which is about three to five inches when not erect and is about five to seven inches when it is erect. The clinical definition of the micropenis or short penis syndrome is actually being smaller that 1.6 inches when not erect and less than 3 inches when erect. In a 2005 study, researchers found out that none of the men who came for male enhancement treatment qualified for the so-called short penis syndrome because they all have average size penises. Below are some of the interesting facts produced by studies on male enhancement procedures.