best male enhancement pills

Male enhancement products address the concern of men who have problems in their sexual functioning requiring male enhancement. These products are very accessible these days due to the growing curiosity of men and the numerous concern in sexual related problems. The stigma and embarrassment of these male enhancement product is a major concern to men who uses them. The reason why most male enhancement products can be usually be bought online and they don’t require a doctor’s prescription.

There are numerous types of male enhancement products available in the market today, and these are :

1. Male Enhancement Pills or Sex Pills
2. Male Enhancement Creams or Oils
3. Penis Extenders or Stretchers
4. Penis Pumps
5. Male Enhancement Patch
6. Semen Volume Pills


Are natural male enhancement pills containing mostly herbs and other ingredients. The basic function is to improve blood flow circulation throughout the body. it consist of a blend of herbal ingredients mixed together into powder form and made as capsules or tablets.

Why Male Enhancement Pills?

Because of its numerous benefits such as enhanced libido, improved quality of sperm and sperm count, stronger erection, increase sexual stamina and over all sexual health as well.


Direct application to the skin for immediate effects. Vitamin complex, botanical extracts, and antioxidants are absorbed into the penile tissue instantly.


Constant use of pressure or traction on the penis. Made from hypoallergenic medical grade plastics and metals. Safe and reliable way if instructions are properly followed. As an advantage, it is usually worn inside clothing for extended periods without any known side effects.


A physical device to enlarge the penis. The pumping action creates a vacuum around the penis and as the pressure increases blood is build up into the erectile tissue, engorging it as blood is sucked in.


Are trans dermal patch delivered gradually through the skin over several hours.


Acts specifically to increase the volume of ejaculate, to make each contraction stronger and more intense at the peak of male orgasm.


Male enhancement products work differently for any given individual. Some products work instantly while others take a few days or week to see obvious effects. Whichever the case, it’s important that these signs are present when you start using the male enhancement products :

Male enhancement products should be clinically tested. Almost all products require backup studies to prove its effectivity. Always ask for background of the product.
Observe for changes. If you do not see any improvements then you were scammed. Always do a research before purchasing the product.
It always has a money back guarantee.


Even though some manufacturers would claim they don’t have side effects, always consider that any product will have a certain amount of discomfort. Take note of these on the product reviews and observe for side effects that are not normal than usual.

Male enhancement products could be one of the best inventions of all times. One can choose from a variety of products or combine 2 or 3 of them according to what would works best for you. Although some are proven effective, there is not enough back up on studies and research. Because a lot of advertisement make male enhancement products so appealing plus the desire to have a healthy sexual health, it is best to smart in choosing the right one.

All About Men And Penis Enhancement

Many men nowadays are simply conscious of the size of their penis mainly because some women tend to be more attracted to men if he has a huge penis. Men are initially aware that some women do size them up “down there” even in their first meeting or initial date.

That’s why we can’t blame some men if they give much importance on their “size” rather than other things more important in a relationship.

The reason why some men resort to ways in enlarging their penis or seek ways on penis enhancement. Penis enhancement are methods of permanently changing the size and or girth of the penis.


Male have a natural tendency to compare their “package “for the purpose of boasting the size of their manhood. Some are made to believe their penis is the “large” size but in reality their penis could be considered small or even below average. So what is normal size?

The normal or average size penis is 3 to 5 inches ( 8 to 13 centimeters ) when not erect, and between 5 and 7 inches ( 13 to 18 centimeters ) when erect. You can now classify what is small, medium or large using these markers.


Penis Enhancement works in 2 ways : External and Internal

External or Direct Action treatment – are Penis Enhancement methods that doesn’t require surgery. They are at the forefront of technology for non surgical solutions ( non surgical procedures )

1. Penis Extenders
Andropenis Traction System2. Andropenis Traction System

Internal or Stimulating by Vasodilation – it’s main effect is to give body and penile support internally (surgical procedures )

There are 7 Types of Penis Enhancement

1. Penis widening
2. Penis lengthening
3. Erectile Dysfunction Implant
4. Penile Reconstruction surgery involving change and size of length and other changes in important areas
5. Penile implants to add size
6. Girth Enhancement
7. Curvature correction

Phalloplasty – is the general term for penis enhancement surgery. This procedure involves releasing of ligaments that hold the penis. It works as the penis is extended away from the body making it longer.

There are different Surgical Techniques for Penis Enhancement :

1. Free Fat Transfer – involves extraction of fatty tissues from the patient’s own body to fill the penis. Once extracted it is then injected into the organ to correct it’s form and shape.
2. Tissue Implants – also known as Dermal Grafts, this technique involves grafting of subcutaneous tissue from the penis. Epidermis layer is peeled off and added to the shaft of the penis for expansion. This procedure is usually done by expert surgeons.


As compared to male enhancement products, penis enhancement has little or no side effects and there’s even a 97% success rate. There are a few reported discomforts with the device ( Penile Extenders and Traction). There were also no reported side effects on sexual function. Studies reveals an increase in size of half an inch to one inch for non surgical. Aside from bleeding several complications may occur with surgical procedures such as nodule formations, loss of girth, scrotalisation and infection.

Although men with problems with the size, shape or form of their penis may regain self esteem and confidence with penis enhancement, it could be said that it still pose life threatening risk. It’s always advisable to seek medical advice from reputable clinics. Penis enhancement is an expensive way of medical treatment that’s why careful and wise planning is essential.

Baring It All On Male Enhancement

The development of male enhancement is an answered prayer to a lot of men who suffer from different forms of sexual dysfunctions. This is a reality in our present society however the choice of male enhancement to solve sexual dysfunctions suffered by some men remains a shared secret because of the stigma related to it.

The popularity among men of Male Enhancement is mainly due to the following reasons:

Male enhancement is all natural way of enhancing the sexual prowess of men, no prescription needed and no hassle or embarrassment of going to the doctor.
It is a sure way of enhancing the size of a man’s sexual organ and improving the performance of men in bed with less complications.
Boost their confidence in bed and in satisfying their partners.
It could fix impotence and solve pre mature ejaculation
Increase semen volume and sperm count
These are the Conditions that makes Male Enhancement work for Men :

1. Man who suffer from delayed ejaculation
2. Those who have Erectile Dysfunction
3. Those who have problems with Premature Ejaculation
Men who have low sex drive4. Men who have low sex drive
5. Men who have problems with their Erection Strength
6. Problems with Erection Process

Some points to be considered with Male Enhancement :

  • Cost
  • Quality of the Ingredients
  • Effectiveness and Long term Effects
  • Consumer Satisfaction and Feedback
  • Money back Guarantee

Male Enhancements have their own sets of Advantages and Disadvantages but not without the appropriate remedies, and they are :

Advantage : Acts to stimulate increase in libido by increasing blood flow and expanding of blood vessels.
Disadvantage : May cause increase in heartbeat, dizziness and insomnia.
Remedy : Doctors can prescribe a benzodiazepine or anti-arrhythmic drug that would normalize heart beat.

Advantage : Effects are fast and instant and could extend up to 3 days after
Disadvantage : It could be costly since some male enhancers need to be taken at an extended period of time.
Remedy : Male enhancement can be combined with other natural ways to increase sexual functions such as Jelqing or stretching exercises and taking some aphrodisiac foods to support the effects of male enhancements.


  • Increase libido
  • Increase length and girth of penis
  • Gain more stamina and vitality during sex
  • Achieve strong and numerous orgasm
  • Attain good sexual health
  • Long Lasting Enjoyment of Sex

Get More Inches: Male Enhancement Products Revealed

If women are obsessed with increasing their chest size through surgical and non-surgical methods, men also have a fascination to add more inches to their penis size. Studies show that most men think they have small penises that what is considered average. On the flipside, when measured, these men actually fall under the average category which is 3-5 inches when not erect and 5-7 inches when erect. The male participants in the study clearly do not qualify to having the micropenis or small penis syndrome wherein the penis size is about or even shorter than 1.6 inches when not erect and less than 3 inches when erect.

So why do most men think this? Studies show that more men felt insecure after watching porn and erotic images since their teenage years. It is remarkable to note that the repeated exposure over a long period of time to unrealistic body images propagated by the media eventually warp the perception of the audience. This is so with men who feel that they always fall “short” in that category.
Then an era ushers in a wave of techniques and devices that will help men solve their long-standing conundrum – Male Enhancement or Penis Enlargement.

Here’s a rundown of the different techniques that could promise to increase the penis size:

Penis Pump

This cylinder shaped device is placed over the penis and a pump is used to create a vacuum that will stretch the penis. It facilitates erection. This device is commonly used on men who have erectile dysfunction.

Jelqing or Milking

This a physical therapy technique using hand motion to push blood from the base of the penis making the penis look bigger and longer. It is Arabian in origin.

VigRX for Men

VigRX for MenThese pills contain natural ingredients that could add inches to the human penis and their advertisement contend that results will be visible after taking the pills regularly for two weeks.

ProSolution Extra Strength

This penis enlargement product is considered one of the TOP 3 brands in this category. Taking these pills regularly for a period of time would also add inches to the penis size.


These penis-enhancing pills promise to give your male private parts a boost. Ideally, the pills should be taken everyday for a couple of months to gain optimum results. One pill could go a long way.

Penoscrotal Ring

Combining the cock ring and the clamping method will yield desired results of increasing the thickness of the penis and maintaining erection. The ring, a constricting device is fitted at the base of the penis. This must be used with caution though.

SizeTrac Penis Extender

Aimed at triggering growth of the penis, this device is used to apply steady traction over the penis. What is wonderful about this product is it is designed to be compact allowing the user to give it a go whether he is at home or at work. Wearing the penis extender at longer times such as 5 hours per day will provide best results.

Going under the Knife

Results of previous studies show that surgical procedures that were done had “unacceptably high rate of complications”, thus were considered to be more dangerous.

Getting Help from Devices

traction methodThe non-surgical methods such as the “traction method” resulted in an additional of 0.7 inch or 1.8cm of the penis. This was done by using a penile extender which stretched the penis daily for four months. The participants in the study had to wear the traction for about four to six hours each day. They prove true the saying, “no pain, no gain”.

Other studies focused on erectile dysfunction patients. The use of penoscrotal rings and the clamping method which is fitting the ring at the base of the penis, helped increase the girth of the penis and maintain erection.

Techniques that resulted in unchanged length and thickness of the penis were pointed in one study. The participants underwent a daily regimen of penis pumping with the use of a cylinder placed over the penis that works like a vacuum. Results show that the penis pump was a painful procedure and did not yield effective results because it did not change the size of the penis as the procedure intends to do.

What Men Are Thinking

So does penis size really matter? Apparently men obsess about this more than women. A number of studies spanning over 60 years have yielded results that 85% of women are really satisfied with the size of their partner’s penis. Ironically, only 55% of the men who were surveyed felt their penis size was good enough. Why is there a warped perception of the human penis? The answer maybe this. Research found that men felt they fall short in terms of penis size after viewing porn and erotic images.

So for whatever it is worth, men, examine the motivation behind this need or want to enhance your private part. It might help to note that when women were asked to discuss what matters most – the length or the circumference of the penis, they answered the latter. No pump or ring can really help you with that. But one thing is for certain, whatever you lack in size, you can really make up with through skills.

Some Effective Natural Remedies and Their Benefits

Tribulus Terrestris Supplements

This noxious plant grows naturally and its extracts have been used for decades as home remedies. Its efficacy is manifested indirectly because it stimulates increase of the luteinizing hormone (LH) which acts as a messenger for testosterone production. It further soothes the erectile tissues and amplifies blood flow to these muscles thus creating a reflex sexual arousal. In addition, tribulus improves sperm movement and increases aromatase synthesis; an enzyme that maintains equilibrium between testosterone and oestrogen.
Any testosterone supplement that is clinically certified to contain 250 to 750 mg of Tribulus should provide the required upshots, with better results guaranteed if it is harmonized with prosexual additives such as vitamin B5, B6, Choline, and liberal quantities of proteins. 

Epimedium Sagittatum

Epimedium and related extracts originated from Chinese and are world renowned as Horny Goat Weed (goats were the first to exhibit heightened sexual states upon consumption of this plant). The active compound in Epimedium acts by relaxing penile muscles, increasing blood flow, and releasing any natural testosterone enhancer in the body resulting in a longer lasting sex drive. In light with the concerns of men worldwide, this supplement does not provide short-term effects. Consistent use of the prescribed amounts of this herbal ingredient will ascertain overall reproductive health and increased stamina.


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